Giving Your Employees More of a Voice – ZingTrain Deep Dive 17

The Zingerman’s community of businesses as discussed in Deep Dive 15 are led by Managing Partners (Owners) as discussed in Deep Dive 16. These Managing Partners come together at various times and will make decisions that affect the entire community of businesses. When a decision is to be made they make these by unanimous consensus. All employees are allowed to attend these meetings.

Back in September of 2014 they introduced the program to included 3 staff members in the Zingerman’s Partner Group Consensus. This is a big deal to give the employees more of a voice and to offer a different perspective to the group.

This webinar replay will get into the details of why they made the decision and how it will work.

Here’s the link to the ZingTrain page. This page includes slides and samples of the items discussed like the huddles.

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