Starting an Employee Engaging Company from the Ground Up

Ji Hye Kim – Founding Partner of Miss Kim, a Korean restaurant in Ann Arbor.

We’ll hear her story from moving to the US, to taking a 90% pay cut to join the Zingerman’s family, to bringing the Zingerman’s ethos alive in a new venture. It’s not easy, but being open with numbers, lean, and mindful have helped her to create a new business that will enrich the lives of the employees and customers. Continue reading Starting an Employee Engaging Company from the Ground Up

From 90% Paycut to Restaurant Owner, Ji Hye Kim, Part 1 Ep 84

In this episode we hear Ji Hye’s move from being 13 when she came to the U.S. to her decision to become a managing partner and creator of Zingerman’s newest restaurant, a Korean cuisine restaurant, Miss Kim. Continue reading From 90% Paycut to Restaurant Owner, Ji Hye Kim, Part 1 Ep 84

Give Gratitude This Week

Just a quick shoutout to my listeners, guests, family, and friends for your support of my efforts with the podcast this past year. give-gratitude-this-week

In my discussions with people who are creating Inspiring and Intentional businesses, gratitude is a big part of the process.

Here are a few articles to get you thinking about Gratitude.

14 Scientifically Proven Ways Gratitude Can Bring You Success and Happiness from Inc.

In Praise of Gratitude by the Harvard Mental Health Letter (Who knew there was such a thing?)

Jack Kornfield on Gratitude and Mindfulness from UC Berkely

Business Deep Dive 01 Mind Your Mindfulness

This is the first in a series of 16 ZingTrain webinar replays. They’ve been kind enough to give me permission to present these on the channel and I’ve curated 16 of the episodes into 4 distinct series that will help you change and intentionally create an inspiring culture.

This one covers mindfulness.

You can find all the links you need to this Business Deep Dive Series by clicking here.

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Uncap Employee Potential Ep 37

Kevin Jones is the featured guest for the next 3 episodes. In this episode we talk about:

Kevin Jones on episode of the INspired and Intentional business show talking uncapping employee potential.
Kevin Jones from ViaPing
  • Working through the balance of technology and human side of business and how we cap employees potential.
  • Even though we have the best intentions, how employees become disengaged.
  • The importance of designing our business for the employees not just the customers.
  • And one “simple” solution that can help move your organization to more collaboration and engagement.

Continue reading Uncap Employee Potential Ep 37