Alignment Not Just for Backs and Cars

I’m not going to talk about backs or cars and proper alignment. Instead, in this “Best Of” episode I’m sharing my 2016 talk with George and Mollie. They’re employees at Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor and talk about a variety of subjects. The one that stood out to me was the importance of aligning your policies and practices with your vision and purpose.

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Summer Chill – Ep 75

Summer time and I was going to replay one of the more popular episodes this week. However, I wanted to come on for this episode and share some books, podcasts and thoughts I’ve had as I’m enjoying the beginning of summer.

Flowers for a Summer Chill

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Inspired And Intentional News 01

Below is my first attempt to create quick look at stories, podcasts, and blogs that got my attention over the past couple of weeks regarding people intentionally working to create inspiring organizations. These first couple will probably be more collections and I hope to create a narrative that ties all of them together.

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