The Best Gift for Your Team – Your Best Self

It’s the day after Xmas and all through the office, not a creature is stirring, not even a boss…

Anyway, I’m not going to rewrite the entire story to fit my podcast, but I did want to take this Tuesday, following Christmas and the next, following New Years to reflect and look forward.

This week, I’m thinking about mindfulness and your team. In the context of culture and work: mindfulness basically means that you look inward and with intention bring your best self to your work and interactions. Continue reading The Best Gift for Your Team – Your Best Self

Transparency, Healing Organizations, and Purpose

How can transparency transform you and your organization? Could it help you become a “healing organization”? And it’s been said, I think a million times, how important a clear purpose is for your journey and the health of your organization. In this news update let’s look at (hear) a few things that caught my attention and you may find inspiring as you look to move your company to one that is able to balance profit and the human side of your business. Continue reading Transparency, Healing Organizations, and Purpose

Do Your Hire Children or Adults

This is part 3 with Ron Mauer. He shares the results that come from operating the business the Zingerman’s way. He also shares a couple ideas for someone wanting to change their culture and improve their employee engagement: Continue reading Do Your Hire Children or Adults

Balance 3 Bottom Lines

In this episode, Ron Mauer, Managing Partner will share why Open Book Management and the way you plan for the future could help you run a more solid business. Continue reading Balance 3 Bottom Lines