Business Deep Dive w ZingTrain

The group at ZingTrain were kind enough to give me permission to share episodes from their free webinar series. I’ve collected a few into 4 areas of business.

Go to ZingTrain for Webinars, Articles, and to Sign Up for Classes
Go to ZingTrain for Webinars, Articles, and to Sign Up for Classes

Series one is based on getting a good start with Visioning and Leadership. Begin with yourself by understanding the concept of mindfulness and self management. Learn the importance of being a servant leader. And then move onto creating a vision you and your team can believe in.

Once you have a vision you can move onto series 2 and begin to work on building the team around you to reach those goals. Here you learn how to tune up your team so they operate at full capacity. Once they’re running you learn how to effectively measure their success with performance reviews. Because change is constant you will learn how to undertake bottom-line change.

In order for your team to work independently and fully engaged in how the company generates cash and runs profitably, you will deep deep dive into Open Book Management, or OBM. You’ll learn what it is. Then you will learn how to make the concept of tracking numbers fun by playing games. After running OBM for a while, the ZingTrain crew share the lessons they’ve learned. Some years you will struggle hitting those targets. If so, listen to FIVE FANTASTIC TIPS TO MEET YOUR ANNUAL TARGETS.

You’re in a perfect state of zen, have a great team, and are operating with open book management like no one’s business. How do you handle the growth? They’ve got you covered with series 4. Instead of necessarily growing your core business, why not start a community of businesses? Who’s going to run all these new businesses? Why not create a system to make employees owners and the processes used to accomplish this?

When you click the links below you will be directed to each webinar’s specific blog post where you will find the audio files. There is also a link on the post so you can access the slides, and many other resources. The amount of material available for each webinar varies.

Intro Episode where I tell you briefly what I’m doing with the series. –

Series 1 – Visioning and Leadership

Series 2 – Building Great Teams

1. They have one called Intentional Interviewing that has a crazy echo in it. You can download the slides at their webinar site.
1a. They created a new webinar in 2017 discussing how they hire which is a nice substitution for the top recording, HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE.
Series 3 – Understanding OBM
Series 4 – Growing Your Business