Are You Ready to be Open Book? ZingTrain Deep Dive 18


Most people have their own idea about what going Open Book means and what it takes to be an Open Book business. Willingness to share financial information. The distribution of decision making power. Better financial results. A lot of teaching. A lot of talking. Radically different notions of what it means to be a business owner/leader. A deep cultural shift.

We think they’re all right.

But we also know this. From being Open Book for over a decade, from teaching Open Book to hundreds of seminar attendees, from helping businesses and organizations all over the country to implement Open Book Management, we know this : Open book is all of those things but most of all Open Book is a way of BEING.

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Here’s the link to the ZingTrain page. This page includes slides and samples of the items discussed.

This is an addition to the Business Deep Dive Series, series 3, where I included several webinars that focused on Open Book Management. Click here to go to the main Deep Dive page on this site to see a listing of all the shows and their respective links to ZingTrain.

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