Do Your Hire Children or Adults

This is part 3 with Ron Mauer. He shares the results that come from operating the business the Zingerman’s way. He also shares a couple ideas for someone wanting to change their culture and improve their employee engagement: Continue reading Do Your Hire Children or Adults

Balance 3 Bottom Lines

In this episode, Ron Mauer, Managing Partner will share why Open Book Management and the way you plan for the future could help you run a more solid business. Continue reading Balance 3 Bottom Lines

Does Your Hiring Help Your Culture?

When Ron was interviewing with Zingerman’s he wanted to do more than just accounting. He wanted a place where he could make a difference. In addition, he wanted to respect his coworkers. He found that at the Zingerman’s community of businesses.

This is part one with Ron Mauer, Managing Partner, Zingerman’s Service Network. The Service Network is a centralized business unit designed to facilitate business functions in a more streamlined version than each Zingerman’s company could possibly do on their own. Continue reading Does Your Hiring Help Your Culture?

Choosing a Business Partner

Part 2 with Tabitha Mason, Managing Partner with Cornman Farms. We get into becoming a managing partner and what inspired her to make the decision to move from employee to co-owner. What intentionality can you take into leading your organization?

Tabitha with her family “partners” : )

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Riverbanks for Service and Employee Freedom

Tabitha Mason, Managing Partner Cornman Farms – was venue manager when I recorded her. She gets into how she came into the Zingerman’s family and how her husband’s sudden job loss helped them to see the benefits of Open Book Management.Tabitha Mason Managing Partner of Cornman Farms

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