Business Effects of BLC

BLC or Bottom Line Change – see further down how you could win a ZingTrain Bottom Line Change pamphlet. 

Positive effects of an effective change process:

  • Reduce stress
  • Teaching everyone leadership because there’s a plan to implement
  • Save time on the back-end by spending it on the front

This process can be adapted for any situation. And could be just the steps someone needs to begin making a change their organization. Ari’s written a booklet you can buy at ZingTrain (NOT an affiliate link.) Or, you could win one. Simply sign up for our email community. I will draw in the first week of March. (Anyone signed up for the email group will be eligible to win a booklet. Sign up by the end of the day on March 6, 2018.)

Tell me about how you may adapt the Zingerman’s Bottom Line Change process in your organization in the comments below.

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Until next week be inspired and intentional.

Notes taken during the episode:

What’s inspired Ari lately:

Been adding staff partners and employees can own some shares. To broaden the ownership of the company. Staff partners rotate every couple of years.

Employee shares: this was to give people a financial stake in addition to the emotional stake they already made. The first year they had a payout. The second year they won’t have one and this has upset some people but is illustrating again what it means to own a business. It’s not designed to change a person who hates working there to one who loves it. There’s too much there, the whole business is an ecosystem and one thing won’t make it amazing or bad.

Rudolph Rocker, German Anarchist, Nationalism and Culture.

Grit, Angela Duckworth

John T Edge’s Southern Food History

Patrick Lencioni’s books