Do Your Hire Children or Adults

This is part 3 with Ron Mauer. He shares the results that come from operating the business the Zingerman’s way. He also shares a couple ideas for someone wanting to change their culture and improve their employee engagement: Continue reading Do Your Hire Children or Adults

Balance 3 Bottom Lines

In this episode, Ron Mauer, Managing Partner will share why Open Book Management and the way you plan for the future could help you run a more solid business. Continue reading Balance 3 Bottom Lines

Choosing a Business Partner

Part 2 with Tabitha Mason, Managing Partner with Cornman Farms. We get into becoming a managing partner and what inspired her to make the decision to move from employee to co-owner. What intentionality can you take into leading your organization?

Tabitha with her family “partners” : )

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Create Amazing Work and Change the World, Ep 90

I spent a few minutes with Valentina Silva, Communications Specialist at the Zingerman’s Service Network. Our talk ranges from her day to day to what her challenges and opportunities are for the future. She offers an employee perspective on a company that practices open book management and one that is known for it’s positive company culture.

Todd Reed and Valentina Silva

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Failure is the Best Way to Move Forward, Kieron Hales Ep 89

In the first episode we learned that Kieron Hales, Managing Partner of Cornman Farms, is multi-talented and is moved to creating a family. He intentionally looks to garner the input of his team through lean and open book practices. This week we look at the results of this inspiration and intentionality. The biggest lesson, he didn’t know anything when he started and failure is the best way to move the company forward.

Listen into the end of my conversation with Kieron and I’ll catch you on the other side.

The Big Board at Cornman Farms – Open Book Management at Work

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