Empower With Change Episode 133

A Change Process that Works.

How do you handle an employee complaint about equipment, processes, policies, etc? Many organizations have a “suggestion box” program. But often times the ideas don’t go anywhere. What does this do to employee engagement?

Testing a new sausage recipe developed through BLC – mmmm

What if you had a defined process for creating change that could be initiated by anyone, even the newest employee, in such a way that ideas are properly vetted and and also properly rolled out to ensure success? Many employees just want to know they’re heard and their ideas are considered fairly. In addition, if they can be taught the right way to introduce organizational change, you’ve now given them a skill the can use in their jobs now, in the future, and in their world outside of work.

Listen as Ari Weinzweig and I talk about the basics of Bottom Line Change.

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Notes taken during editing of the episode:

What is Bottom Line Change? It’s Zingerman’s method for organizational change. It’s taught to everyone. And is expected to be used in the smallest and largest changes.    

Managers and team are learning to work together to create change that the team (new employees) have suggested. Helps to bring them together to work through this project.

He also shares the story of Katie (sp), the bar back  had a problem with their juicer because it was so old and took a lot of her time to clean it. She was unhappy with it and complaining about it, like we do. Her supervisor suggested she write a vision and put it through the BLC process. Long story short, she did all that and they bought the new machine. How invested do you think this made her to her job vs just telling someone about it and nothing happening?

Basically change is constant and so it’s important to create a process that will be constant. There’s no need to create a new approach for each change that comes along.

1146 – get into the concept of recipes for processes. Recipes are those process where creativity is needed. Standard Operating Procedures are for those activities that don’t creativity and really need consistency.

How to pack a box, sanitation, end of shift checklists are all good for SOPs.

How to give great service, how to handle a customer complaint, bottom line change are all good for recipes.