Ep 068 Embolden, Experiment, Humanize

Part 1 with Eliott Frick, CEO Big Wide Sky and Jeremy Nulik, Evangelist Prime, Big Wide Sky

What is the Be Human Project?

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The Be Human Project

Big Wide Sky

Notes taken during the editing of the show

Quote – Mission – Embolden leaders to experiment with making their businesses and organizations more human.

Embolden – Leaders may be more beholden to the current paradigm more than others in the organization. Therefore, The Be Human Project aims to embolden leaders to move their organization into a different paradigm.

Leaders matter in moments of change.

Degree of influence and commitment to make change.

Experiment – not fully realized what a more human organization looks like we need to be encouraged to try different ways to improve our organization. Invitation to see your business as a canvas – experiment.

Human – they’re talking about working with people and the solutions won’t simply be a matter of flipping a switch. Business can act more like an organism and less like a machine. It can also support the social capital of all the people in it’s network.

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Notes taken during editing

The journey to get into business.  Unleashing the humanity that isn’t realized in the context of business.

A purpose of it’s own. A volition. A momentum.

We can construct a business in a way where its needs or its desires are in harmony with what makes us human.

Social Capital – People take care of each other. They’re building networks and helping each other. Strengthen network by connecting the nodes of the network.

Zeitgeist is that we don’t like the way business makes us feel. 

Do you experience any of these at your business or organization? 

People aren’t happy when they get here?

I have to fight my way through all these meetings?

I can’t seem to get any support?

There’s no alignment in the organization?

Everybody says one thing yet do another?

Perhaps you should start to ask what is causing these issues and how they are affecting the bottom line(s) of your organization or business.