Ep 069 Can the Machine Be More Human?

Part 2 with Eliott Frick, CEO Big Wide Sky and Jeremy Nulik, Evangelist Prime, Big Wide Sky and founders of The Be Human project.

Eliot Frick in the Big Wide Sky Studio

Why did they start The Be Human Project?

It’s a project so it can live on it’s own. A way to market what they’re doing.

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The Be Human Project

Big Wide Sky

Notes taken during the editing of the show

Why did they start The Be Human Project? The most important is to have the machine (business) working. But when you look at why the machine breaks down – over and over it’s the part of the business doesn’t feel human. (Interview learning 101 – ask, “What parts don’t feel human?” I will ask you the reader/listener, “What part of your business or organization doesn’t feel human?”)

One example of a breakdown is that a group of people couldn’t work with the manager or there was no cultural purpose to what they were doing, so they left.

2251 – There’s productivity we need to have to have meaning in our lives. The organization too needs to have productivity. 

How does the organization act like a human?  

The way we’ve structured organizations is to make the management system so that it compartmentalizes out all of the things about human beings that are messy, emotional, and confusing. 

One thing that helped bring about the industrial revolution was building more hierarchy. When we are designed as a cog in the machine, many of us focus then on becoming a bigger cog instead of treating our peers as humans.

Swimming with the current helps you to survive which is why we don’t tend to fight the paradigms in place.

The organizational development over the past 100 years is built to be an efficient machine. Not necessarily more human.

There is a social network within the company that breaks the org charts. This talk may seem touchy feely, but humans make things happen.

Also, this doesn’t mean we get rid of all hierarchy or lessons learned over the past x years.  

Growing number of people want something fulfilling.

How do we get more creativity and innovation? Tap into the human side of your business.