Episode 8 Amy Emberling Dissenting Opinions, Training Systems, and Vision

Join me for the 2nd part of my conversation with Amy Emberling, Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Candy Manufactory. This week we’ll talk about:

  • Training systems
  • Culture and pulling dissenting opinions to make the team stronger.
  • Having the difficult conversations.
  • Keeping excitement and focus for a long term vision.
Todd Reed, Inspired and Intentional Podcast host with Amy Emberling, Managing Partner Zingerman's Bakehouse
Todd Reed and Amy Emberling, Managing Partner Zingerman’s Bakehouse

Here are the questions for this week’s episode:

  1. She talked about a training compact and setting clear expectations for the new hires. Also, that training is a two-way street and both parties are responsible. Do you have a system for new hires to take responsibility for their own training. More importantly, are you able to adapt to the various ways people learn.
  2. Amy presented a couple ways to get dissent to bubble up in the company. Either a “working, not working” set of questions during meetings. Or, to hold an open forum where ideas are presented and then teams share their likes and dislikes, thus allowing anonymity. What have you done that has helped bring up a diversity of viewpoints in order to get to the most unique and strongest ideas?
  3. In regards to your process for discipline/performance reviews – do you consider the following:
  •  The dignity of the person?
  •  How would you like to leave?
  •  What would like the story to be?
  •  Do you want to tell people or have us do it?

4. Keeping the momentum up for a long term vision. How can you break down your vision into smaller bite size pieces to keep the momentum and focus on the long-term goals?

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You can get hold of Amy by emailing her at aemberling@zingermans.com.

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Next week we’ll continue our talk with Amy Emberling. She’ll cover entrepreneurship vs innovation, a process for organizational change and introduce me to Pavlova.

Thank you for listening and until next week, be inspired and intentional.

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