Episode 9 Amy Emberling Pt 3 Organizational Change Process

Join me for the 3rd part of my conversation with Amy Emberling, Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Candy Manufactory.

This week we’ll talk about:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • A process for nurturing change within your organization
  • Succession planning and what keeps Amy inspired to keep improving
Amy Emberling at ZingTrain talking organizational change
Todd Reed and Amy Emberling, Zingerman’s Bakehouse Managing Partnere

Here are the questions for this week’s episode:

  1. Amy said that they’re more innovative than entrepreneurial at this stage of the business, because entrepreneur to her implies more risk and boldness. When they innovate, they’re not putting the business at risk as much. At what stage is your company? Do you need to take a few more risks?
  2. Amy talked to bottom line change. Their process, as outlined in the interview (I know there’s more involved here, get one of Ari’s books and see all the details.). Big thing I got from this: if you have an idea for a change realize that you’re going to need to sell this idea to the interested parties. (Maybe teach your team sales and negotiations even if that’s not their primary role.)
  3. What inspires you to keep improving? Or, are you inspired to keep improving or innovating. She talked about new ideas just coming to her all the time. Do you have that? If not, how can you re-engergize that within yourself?
  4. Have you consider succession planning and the future of your organization? How can you continue the vision?

I would love to see your answers at one of the many Inspired and Intentional outlets:

Process for change –

  • Make the case for the change you are proposing. (Who, what, when, where, and why. IE the reasons you want or believe this change needs to happen.)
  • Create a draft vision for it. Remember, this means: what does it look like after the change is in place.
  • Start shopping it around and sharing it with people. I believe the current buzzword for this is socialize the idea. This step should reveal the inevitable resistance to the proposed change. You want resistance because if there’s no resistance then people may not be paying attention or they don’t care how it is. Resistance shows a commitment and engagement to the process.
  • Once the idea has some energy and acceptance, gather a “microcosm” of people from around the organization to help you determine who to tell about the change and how to tell it. This is your marketing team. They help reveal the parties that this may affect that you’ve not thought of.
  • Develop first steps and start the change.
  • Throughout the process, people will challenge it to see if it fits the vision of the company and business unit.

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You can get hold of Amy by emailing her at aemberling@zingermans.com or by calling the bakery at 734-761-7255.

Book Amy is reading to be inspired – Martin Seligman – Flourish

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