Episode 12 Matthew Bodary Pt 3 Employee Training, Meetings, and Engagement

I’m excited to continue with my conversation with Matthew Bodary, Account Manager for Zingerman’s Coffee Company.

Matthew Bodary shares an employee's perspective on Zingermans
Todd Reed and Matthew Bodary at ZingTrain

This week Matthew we’ll cover topics like

    • Employee training
    • Visioning
    • Meetings
    • What is employee engagement?

1. Is your training given context? Is it explained why it’s there, what it’s about? Is it organized and easily tracked so they and their team know where they are in the training cycle?

2. Visioning – Are you and your people very clear on what success looks like in  your organization?

3. Meetings – are your’s focused, everyone prepared, expected roles, set agendas, starting on time, and have clear objectives?

4. Engagement – He said, “Picturing yourself sharing in the creation of something special.”- Again with the clear vision, where your organization is going and what it will look like. Can your team see that, understand, and see how they fit into that and what role they can contribute to be part of something bigger than themselves?

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You can get hold of Matthew by emailing him at mbodary@zingermans.com.

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