Episode 11 Matthew Bodary Meaningful Workplace Measurements

This week Matthew we’ll cover topics like improving the customer experience, finding meaningful success measurements, and measuring things like workplace energy.

Matthew Bodary shares an employee's perspective on Zingermans
Todd Reed and Matthew Bodary at ZingTrain

Questions for this week:

1. Are your people looking for ways to delight/improve the experience of customers, especially those everyday customers? Do you have a system to encourage this? What could you do to change this?

2. “I think it’s important, in some way, to see measurable affects of your work.” Matthew uses the analogy of putting and being able to see immediate results of your putting. And how important that is in improving your game. Things to check if they are impacting the bottom line in a positive way.

Things to measure:

  • Sales
  • Coffee Quality –
  • Effects of new systems implemented
  • Waste generated – compost (There is an example given in something I read where a dishwasher commented on how many fries he threw away. The Roadhouse lowered the portions, while offering free refills. There was a marked lowering of costs.)

He then talks about tying some of the gainsharing monetary reward to both profit and hitting some of these other measures.

What are some other areas you could measure within your business to improve your bottom line, profits, and employee engagement?

3.  He spoke about the Department Operating Report with measures like

How can you include your team to determine meaningful measurements? What way can you get them involved in the tracking and reporting of the results?

4. Another measure, energy. “You’re either contributing or detracting from the workplace energy.”

3 Types of energy

  • Physical
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Vibrational (How you’re appearing to others.)

What could you measure that would improve the overall vibe of your workplace?

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