Management Needs to Evolve

Shawn is an author, consultant and podcaster
Shawn is an author, consultant and podcaster

No Question this week – simply buy Shawn’s book, Optimistic Workplace and start working on the worksheets and questions he created at the back.

Notes taken during the editing of the show

Optimistic Workplace came about because of a terrible experience at a “Great Place to Work”.

Pay for classes that didn’t apply directly to their job.

“We’re not here to help people self-actualize.”

Who out there are creating great workplaces and how are they doing it.

Studs Terkel – Read him. “Often times our work is violent, to our spirit.”

You can continue to have a violent workplace or you can do something to make a more optimistic workplace. You don’t have to stay stuck there.

Management needs to evolve. Leadership and Stewardship. “Management” is about control and monitor and manipulate. People want to connect, want purpose, want freedom to get the job done, to be responsible. “Management” should steward and take care of the people and create an environment of success and creativity.

Not just people first. Purpose, meaningful work, and Extraordinary people to create an amazing work environment. The three work together as the origins of optimism.

Bob Chapman says that he’s yet to find someone disagree with him that “Everybody Matters”. What he does struggle to find, is the people willing to follow through and make the changes necessary to move the needle on human workplaces.

Somebody has to go first in creating a workplace where everybody matters. And they’re not sure what to do.

Shawn has created tools at the end of his book to help people, especially middle managers.

Optimism planner – 90 days. Personal values, meeting designs to get people on the same page on an optimistic workplace.

One on One format. Optimism One on Ones. Focus on work progress. Purpose and values alignment.

Are your managers, managers or stewards? What can you do to help this to change in your workplace?

Not a question: get his book and try those exercises at the end of the book. I don’t make any money from these purchases.

Shawn Murphy is the CEO and Founder of Switch & Shift, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm dedicated to developing and advancing positive organizational business and leadership practices.

He’s been recognized by and The Huffington Post for his work on developing leaders for the future of the work. Shawn was hand picked to be part of IBM’s elite Futurist Group that advises and gives input on topics related to new ways to work.  You can listen to Shawn interview with his business partner business and thought leaders in their weekly podcast, The Rebel Leader.

Shawn holds a MBA from Drexel University, LeBow College of Business, and a Bachelor’s in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco.

Shawn’s debut book, The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone (AMACOM), shares path-breaking beliefs and simple techniques to help leaders at all levels positively shift how people not only perform but how they feel while at work. You can also read Shawn’s weekly column, “Positive Business,” on


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