Architect Podcast – Why People Quit – Notes

My notes while listening to episode #81 of Archispeak. 
Podcast for Architects and those who run architect firms. This episode of Archispeak is entitled, “I Quit!”

People quit supervisors not so much the job itself.

Mistakes made with employees:

Not recognizing good work and contributions – employees don’t feel valued (New owner recognized and gave credit to a new employee to the clients. HUGE.)
Interesting: if you’re the only one working overtime and no one else is working on the project, this says a lot about the company or the expected level of effort. Something for an employee to consider.
Extra work with no rewards.
I would say it’s both sides job to let each other know if something isn’t working out.
(Go to their page to get Netflix slides. They also have some other resources.)
They work for/with an a$$hole! Companies don’t handle social conflicts at work. Why? Performers.
(I don’t think the clients see it. They treat customers great, but coworkers not so much. Like our family. Some treat friends better than they treat their own family.)