Align Purpose and Policies – Mollie and George Pt 1

Join me in a conversation with another pairing from Menlo Innovations, Mollie Callahan, High Tech Anthropologist and George Lund, Software Developer.

Mollie Callahan and George Lund of Menlo Innovations
Mollie Callahan and George Lund of Menlo Innovations

In this episode we get to know their journey from academia to private business and in the discussion you can hear a little about how Menlo is different. We also talk about alignment, i.e. do your policies align with your purpose?


This doesn’t necessarily fit into the purpose of a business so the question is also, why should you take the time to think about this?

What difference would it make to your organizations purpose and productivity if more of your team could say something like this?

Alignment. Are your structures and company policies in line with your visions and strategies for your culture?

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Notes taken during editing

High Tech Anthropologist

Field based research figure end user needs, how they interact with the solutions, and interfacing with the technical teams and the customer.

How is Menlo different than other places you’ve worked.

Academia vs MI

HERO model – Ultimately you’re trying to develop yourself personally. 

Here everything is different. You’re only successful if the team is successful. 

Q 8:00 Academia brought out the best of a slim part of Mollie. Menlo Innovations brings out the best of all of her. 

Lonely working on tough problems at Academia. 

It’s all about collaboration and innovation. Menlo seems to be an extreme example.

Can some of this be replicated in academia. The larger organizations struggle because they want collaboration but then encourage communication to email or phone calls even though they’re right across the hall. Either physical restrictions like offices or cultural limitation like individual incentives.