A Vision For More Open Government: Cindy Stein Pt 03

Welcome back, this is our last part with Cindy Stein, Greene County Missouri Auditor. She’ll talk about vision for the Great Game of Government and how everyone plays a role in determining the direction of their organizations, whether in government or business.

Cindy Stein is the Greene County Auditor running the Great Game of Business in Government
Cindy Stein – Greene County Auditor

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“My vision is that this would spread to all local, state and federal governments.”

“If someone believes in the mission, they can influence others, including leadership to join the cause of open-book management.”

“I would not be here talking with you if it weren’t for by Great Game Coach, Rhonda Alexander.”


  1. What can you do to help bring this to your local government?
  2. Long-term engagement is tough. The county government plays a variety of games to keep them engaged. In addition, Cindy shared that they come up a focus for the year. For example, learn all the different kinds of government funds. What game themes and areas of focus could help inspire your team to keep focused on the critical numbers?


If you’re in government or want to help your local government get a better handle on their/your finances, present this last series of episodes to them. I have no financial stake in the matter, perhaps  you should give the Great Game a call to get some ideas going.

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Next week we’ll begin our series with Anese Cavanaugh, coach, speaker, and author of Contagious Culture…it is awesome. You will be energized after listening to her.

Thank you so much for listening and until next time, be inspired and intentional.

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Great Game Coach – Rhonda Alexander – http://greatgame.com/about/meet-our-team/rhonda-alexander/


Moody’s upgrade of Greene County, Missouri – http://www.greenecountymo.gov/files/PDF/file.pdf?id=2159

Greene County, MO Auditor office info – http://www.greenecountymo.org/auditor/index.php

Greene County, Missouri’s Great Game of Government dashboard – https://www.greenecountymo.org/dashboard/ggg.php

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