Believe It: Government Employees Solve Problems Cindy Stein Pt 02

Welcome to part 2 with Cindy Stein, Greene County Missouri Auditor since 1994.

Cindy Stein is the Greene County Auditor running the Great Game of Business in Government
Cindy Stein – Greene County Auditor

We’ll continue our conversation with Cindy today about how the Great Game of Business is being implemented in the Greene County Government.

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“Are your employees bringing solutions to the organization’s problems?”

“Moody’s cites Open Book Management as one of the reason’s Greene County has come out of it’s economic troubles.”

“It’s not the leadership, it’s the Greene County employees that got us to a better place financially.”

“Not only did we improve cash balance, but we also had 18 pages of efficiency improvements.”

“Getting fully engaged employees involved in projections helps expedite the budgeting process.”


  1. “Are your employees bringing solutions to the organization’s problems?”
  2. Cash balance is the critical number Greene County focused on for the first couple of years. Entrepreneurs, what is your number that is critical to your survival and ultimately growth? What departmental/division critical numbers do you have that can tie into a bigger critical number?
    • Should you come up with this number or your team?
  3. Cindy speaks a lot about projections and how it helps stave off problems and helps expedite the budgeting process. How can you engage employees to project the numbers that are critical to your business?
    • How would this improve your finances and budgeting?
  4. How can the leadership of the company understand how they fit into the bigger goals of the organization? Could something like HIPS or High Level Planning Sessions help?

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Next week we’ll conclude our discussion with Cindy as she explains her vision for open book management in government.

Thank you so much for listening and until next time, be inspired and intentional.

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