Notes From Anese Cavanaugh on Everybody Matters

The following are my notes from listening to Anese Cavanaugh on Barry Wehmiller’s podcast, Everybody Matters. Another great show from Brent, Mary, and the crew.

Anese Cavanaugh, author, facilitator, coach
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Words we use are huge. What are you saying to people? Are you tearing down or lifting up? Are you encouraging those around you with your words?

The “why” you’re doing anything can help your attitude. Don’t dwell on the mundane of a task. Why are you doing it? If you can’t come up with a good answer then go to your team or your boss and reconsider how important that task really is.

Anese said, “I’m not attached to convincing anyone to adopt this for themselves.” (Reminds me of Ryan Holiday and don’t let ego get in the way.) If you’re resisting this message, here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you having the impact you want to have?
  • Are your people energized and productive?
  • Are you getting the results (long and short term you want?)
  • Do you like the way you feel, physically, emotionally, about your relationships
  • Are your people following you because they want to or because they have to?
  • Positive environment – honesty, accountability, being real, facing the real situation and working through it.
  • Energy check – how do people feel with you in the room.

Similar to Jonah Berger on Unmistakable Creative – we have influence with others – how are we influencing them?

Anese Cavanaugh on Everybody Matters with Brent and Mary

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