Help Me Help You


70+ episodes in and it’s about time I ask the listeners for some feedback.  I’m not expecting answers to all of these from all of you, but I want this podcast and blog to be the best of what I can produce, so I could use some insight. If I were to ask you questions in an interview, here’s what some would be.

Place your answers in the comments below. Or, on the Inspired and Intentional Facebook page, LinkedIn at  Todd A Reed, Twitter at @ToddAReed, email, or call me at 636-887-5398.

  1. Why do you listen to the Inspired and Intentional business show?
  2. Or, to put it another way, what draws you to a show that is focused on employee engagement, creating an open-vision-driven culture, on making work, work?
  3. What has you stumped when it comes to changing your culture or creating a culture that inspires?
  4. Better yet, what is the problem you’re struggling with right now? What is your definition of employee engagement?
  5. What is your vision for an improved culture?
  6. What questions do you wish I would ask?
  7. Are there particular kinds of stories you would like to hear more of?
  8. Do you have any recommendations for leaders to interview? Any authors, professors, company owners/managers that are making it happen?
  9. Do you belong to an online community focused on company culture, open business practices, or employee engagement?
  10. What are your favorite parts of the show?
  11. What parts drive you crazy?
  12. What do you wish I would include in the show?

Again, I look forward to  your answers in the comments below or at one of the many other places to reach me at:

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LinkedIn at  Todd A Reed

Twitter at @ToddAReed

Email todd at

Or call 636-887-5398