Business on Neuroscience & Mindfulness – Ep 78

Chris Dimock, CoFounder of Elation, and his team look at research of people who consider themselves successful and happy in their life. What are the common characteristics of them based on contemporary studies focused on brain science?

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In addition, research is showing the connection between physiology and brain health. This looks at the connections between the entire body and it’s effects on how we think.

Notes taken during the editing of the episode:

Developments in brain science have shown:

Memories aren’t so linear and change over time which affects how we remember them.

Emotions are separate from our memories.

You can deconstruct the knowledge and fact and the emotion you’ve associated with that memory. This, consequently help you work past your personal biases and preconceived ideas.

There are coaching methodologies that can help you build a greater sense of self-awareness. This reveals your biases and filters are influencing how you’re seeing the world and if you’re able to prosper. This thinking can not only limit you but the performance of your entire team as you place preconceived ideas and limitation on them.

Meditation and silencing the mind to clear the fog.

What is the role of Awareness and Mindfulness – we don’t often spend the time reflecting on why we did or did not get the results we wanted. Do we understand how our biases are effecting our outcomes?

(What is the story you tell yourself about employees and their ability/willingness to be self-sufficient?)

Silence, mediation, and awareness get back to that connection between physiology and our thinking.

Jon Kabat-Zinn (mindfulness training) – has helped eliminate dependency on opioids and PTSD to the point that medicaid will cover it.


Master Lube owned by Bill Simmons 

Firms of Endearment by Raj Sisodia (Also Everybody Matters) and the Conscious Capitalism movement.

Communities Change – MIT Team looking at community change efforts.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn on Twitter

Dr. Carol Dweck and Mindset

Twitter @mindsetworks

Matthew Lieberman book on Amazon (not an affiliate link)

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Book recommendations from Chris Dimock

Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success    Carol Dweck, Ph.D.

Foundational work on how important our mindset is.  Includes the research on fixed and growth mindset.

Your Brain at Work            David Rock

Outlines ways we can use our brain chemistry to achieve success.

Emotional Life of Your Brain            Richard Davidson, PhD

Each of us has an Emotional Style based on six domains:  Resilience, Outlook, Social Intuition, Self-Awareness, Sensitivity to Context, and Attention

Immunity to Change          Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

The authors show how individual and organizational beliefs and mindsets combine to create a natural and powerful resistance to change.  It is possible to recognize and unlock these immunities to change in order to move forward.

Quiet Leadership                 David Rock, PhD

Outlines six steps to transforming performance at work by helping people to think better.

You Are Not Your Brain     Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.

The authors propse a four-step method of addressing unhealthy thinking, changing habits and taking control of one’s life.

The Advantage    Patrick Lencioni

Why organizational health trumps everything else in business

Drive      Daniel H. Pink

What is the real aspects of motivation?

Make Yourself Indispensable           Mark Samuel

This book covers the power of personal responsibility and the accountability loop.

Mindsight             Daniel J. Siegel, MD

This groundbreaking book, from one of the global innovators in the integration of brain science with psychotherapy, offers an extraordinary guide to the practice of “mindsight,” the potent skill that is the basis for both emotional and social intelligence.

The Willpower Instinct      Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D.

Based on Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s wildly popular course The Science of Willpower, The Willpower Instinct is the first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity.