Vision, Diversity of Perspective, and You. Gauri Thergaonkar Pt 03

Learn about the importance of Vision and Diversity of Perspective from Gauri Thergaonkar, Community Manager for ZingTrain.

She has helped me set up all of my Zingerman’s interviews. I finally get her on the mic to get her perspective on life at Zingerman’s.



They talk about staff partners and getting a diversity of opinion/viewpoint. How could you get this in your company?

Do you have a process to help your team members understand their role in the bigger vision that will be in line with their own vision?
Do you have a vision for your organization that everyone understands?

Have you considered creating a leadership development “course” for your organization’s leaders that teaches, opens eyes, and inspires?

I would love to see your thoughts below in the comments.

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