The Best Gift for Your Team – Your Best Self

It’s the day after Xmas and all through the office, not a creature is stirring, not even a boss…

Anyway, I’m not going to rewrite the entire story to fit my podcast, but I did want to take this Tuesday, following Christmas and the next, following New Years to reflect and look forward.

This week, I’m thinking about mindfulness and your team. In the context of culture and work: mindfulness basically means that you look inward and with intention bring your best self to your work and interactions.

We could have an entire series on mindfulness and how it can help you improve your culture. I believe that self-improvement/awareness and mindfulness are crucial to changing our organizations. If the leaders aren’t aware of what baggage, biases, and mojo they bring to the team, this work won’t get far.

I will link to an article in the Harvard Business Review about mindfulness and what it is and isn’t good for.

I also want to reference Anese Cavanaugh and her Intentional Energetic Presence. Her focus is on how we show up. Which to me is being mindful.

Here’s Anese’s website to learn more about Intentional Energetic Presence.

And here’s part 1 in my interview with Anese Cavanaugh.

I want to leave you with this exercise:

  1. How do you “show up” to work everyday? Are you raising the energy levels of your team or bringing it down?
  2. What biases do you bring into your interactions with your team?Do you view yourself as a parent, manager, boss, leader, teammate, or coach?
  3. What does your team need to unleash their innovation and creativity?

I would love to see your answer to these questions in the comments below.

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I hope your holidays are awesome and your new year is filled with adventure and success.

Until next week be inspired and intentional.