Part 3 of the Ari Weinzweig Interview – Collaboration and Support

This is the third of three episodes with Ari Weinzwieg, co-founding partner of the Zingerman’s community of businesses. Last week he talked about the 3Cs of organizational design. This week he’ll cover collaboration and support.

Zingemrans Deli in Ann Arbor, MI
The deli that started it all for Ari Weinzweig and Paul Saginaw, Zingerman’s.

The four questions
1. Is fear holding you back from sharing more information with your team, suppliers, and customers? Could your organization benefit from being more open?

2. He talked about collaborative decision making. What are some small steps you could take to begin incorporating more collaboration into the leadership of your company? What people could bring different insight to the decisions you’re trying to make?

3. Along those lines of collaboration – he talked about how Paul and He rarely see eye to eye, but what they do share are values and vision. Is your team on the same page around values and vision?

4. Do you have a community of like minded leaders to support you in your journey? Remember, you are not alone in wanting to create a more engaged, collaborative, and open work place.

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Next week, I start a 3 part series with Maggie Bayless, managing partner of ZingTrain. My time with her will cover topics like consensus (trend), creating new opportunities for your growing people, and the importance of systems. Until then, be inspired and intentional.

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Podcast 001 Ari Weinzweig Interview Pt 01 Openness in Business

I was able to spend about 5 hours interviewing 4 Zingerman’s team members live in Ann Arbor, MI in July, 2015. The first was with the man himself, Ari Weinzweig, Co-founding partner of the Zingerman’s Community of businesses.

Todd Reed and Ari Weinzweig, Cofounder and partner of Zingerman's
Todd Reed and Ari Weinzweig

This community has grown over the last 30 years to include 10 businesses, 750 employees and $55 million in revenue. He’s a manager, a writer, and speaker who loves to share his ideas on raising the energy levels in the workplace, running a more financially solid business, and creating a clear vision that will inspire your teams.

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Podcast #000 Todd Introduces Inspired and Intentional Business to the World

Feels great to get the first episode up for the podcast! In this episode I simply share my history and inspirations around this topic.

Inspirations include:

Ari Weinzweig and his work at Zingerman’s. Specifically you can access their free resources at ZingTrain.

Jack Stack, Open book management coaches, st louis
Jack is the third from the left.

Jack Stack, Founder, President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation. His book The Great Game of Business started me down this path (or confirmed beliefs I had before) of looking for a way to involve the whole team in the running of the organization.