Give Up Control and Grow

In part 2 of my series with Kevin Jones, I asked for details on his company viaPing and the work he’s doing around employee feedback. We’ve all seen the yearly, or in one case every 3 year, employee feedback surveys. We take them and very rarely see any results or actions taken as a result. Kevin’s thought of another method that he’s helped companies implement and it’s called viaPing and it’s a methodology of daily employee feedback. Yes, daily.


This talk is not just about his company it’s about loosening up control, giving employees more room to take chances, and creating opportunities for conversations to begin among all levels and departments of  your company.

Kevin Jones works with companies to help them reimagine and change the way they work, operate, and how they engage their employees.  The only way to do this is to challenge the status quo. Continue reading Give Up Control and Grow

Uncap Employee Potential Ep 37

Kevin Jones is the featured guest for the next 3 episodes. In this episode we talk about:

Kevin Jones on episode of the INspired and Intentional business show talking uncapping employee potential.
Kevin Jones from ViaPing
  • Working through the balance of technology and human side of business and how we cap employees potential.
  • Even though we have the best intentions, how employees become disengaged.
  • The importance of designing our business for the employees not just the customers.
  • And one “simple” solution that can help move your organization to more collaboration and engagement.

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