Global Leadership Summit Day 2 Highlights

Finally getting my Global Leadership Summit Day 2 highlights up for all the world. Some other great speakers.

Horst Schulze spoke about his experience at the Ritz Carlton and how leaders determine the culture and how excellent an organization is to be.

Sheila Heen spoke on feedback and the importance of learning how to receive it and learn from it.

Bill Hybels interviewed Brian Houston about his experience building an international organization. I like his point about being true to your mission, no matter where you go.

Sam Ademeyi spoke on the leadership chasm and how to tell if you have a hierarchal problem where leadership is too controlling and not allowing people to have power.

Liz Wiseman spoke on Rookie smarts and the value of taking the eyes of a rookie. Really enjoyed her speaking and will recommend she speak at one of my company’s events in the future.

Finally, Craig Groeschel spoke on the 5 C’s and the importance of improving in one of them this year. They are: Confidence, Competence, Connections, Character, and Commitment. I chose Connections, but could have easily gone with Commitment or Confidence. I chose connections because I need to allow others into my life that can help build what I believe can happen with Inspired and Intentional. Also, I need to have more confidence that I have something of value to share with them.