Zingerman’s – An Employee’s Perspective Ep 45

This is my repodcast of my interview with Matthew Bodary, Zingerman’s Coffee Company Account Manager.

Matthew Bodary shares an employee's perspective on Zingermans
Todd Reed and Matthew Bodary at ZingTrain

He’s thoughtful and shares great insight on what it’s like to be an employee at a Zingerman’s company.

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Business Deep Dive 03 Servant Leadership

Diving into the principles of servant leadership with the ZingTrain crew. When I think of servant leadership I think humility, and putting the organization first, the team second and the individual (myself) third. Therefore, when I will look for ways to serve those around me before I consider my needs. Continue reading Business Deep Dive 03 Servant Leadership

Creating Change from Within the Company – Ep 44

Another repodcast (or should I say reToddcast?). This time Jamie Pritscher shares her experience sparking change to happen at a company called Tasty Catering. She then talks about beginning a new company called Neuphoriq Marketing. She’s got a great spirit and shares some great stuff. Get your notepads out. This is all three episodes in one straight shot.Jamie Pritscher

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About Jamie Pritscher

Jamie Pritscher is an award-winning entrepreneur committed to excellence, professionalism, positive workplace culture and exceptional client experiences. In addition to positions as Director of Communications at full-service caterer Tasty Catering, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of creative marketing agency nuphoriq and Co-founder and CEO of socially-responsible high-end gift company That’s Caring, Jamie is also an active speaker and volunteer in the community.

Practice of the Practice Podcast – Joe Sanock

This is the first podcast feature episode. I want to highlight podcasts that I believe will benefit those that listen to Inspired and Intentional.

Joe Sanok

Continue reading Practice of the Practice Podcast – Joe Sanock

Values Matter Ep 36 Jamie Pritscher Part 3

art is by Meredith Binnette
Jamie Pritscher by Meredith Binnette (c) 2016


She shares a way to get this going as a manager and to have the right motives. Perhaps start out grass roots. Talking one on one to get their ideas and to see where how you should proceed.

What baggage are people bringing into your job? What is going to hold people back as you begin to make changes? Continue reading Values Matter Ep 36 Jamie Pritscher Part 3