Start Your Year with Humility and Learning

In the previous episode we talked about giving your employees the best present, your best self. Now let’s look at helping them start the new year on the right foot.

This episode is focused on that manager or owner who are wanting to begin to move their organization to one that balances profit and people. One that begins to engage their people at a new level.

Now this will take a bit of humility. This won’t be a problem for you though because you already worked on bringing your best self last week, so you don’t mind being wrong or approaching a situation that may reveal that you don’t have all the information some may think you should have.

Schedule with every person on your team…everyone, highest to lowest, in every single position, for a 30-60 minute meeting. When setting them up, send the questions in advance to give them a chance to think through them. If possible, talk with them at their workspace. This is more comfortable than a meeting room (possibly) and allows you to observe their work environment while they share their answers. It brings the answer to life for you.

Help them to understand that you’re not looking or “right” answers, but their reality. You also can’t promise major changes, but that you are wanting to get a better understanding of how the team achieves what it does and how you can help them to achieve more to feel more successful at what they do. Only say this if it’s true.

I want you to ask each person the following, or something along these lines:

  1. What is it you do? BONUS Sub questions Why do you do it? What is your goal or success measurement…i.e. how do you measure if you succeeded?
  2. How do you do this? (IE, how do you spend your day and what are the tasks you spend the most time on?)
  3. What would help you to do your job to the best of your ability?

Bonus question: What do you hope to learn achieve or do in the upcoming year?

Take notes and review these answers to see if you notice any trends and find 1-3 things you can correct or fix based on what was discussed. Share these findings and the plan with the entire team.

You also have nice touch points that allow you to connect with members of your team on a new level.

I would love to hear how these go over with your team and what you learned during the exercises.

I would love to see your answer to these questions in the comments below.

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I hope your holidays are awesome and your new year is filled with adventure and success.

Until next week be inspired and intentional.