RPGs and Inspiration – Summer Chill Episode 2

I wanted to take another week from the normal episodes to share some behind the scenes work I’ve been doing on the podcast and to also share about inspiration coming to me from two very different sources.

Two podcasts have given me inspiration to tweak the approach I take to the show.

One was a hobby podcast I listen to. I enjoy, very tangentially, the tabletop role playing hobby. You know, games like Dungeons and Dragons…but not that one specifically.

Anyway, there is a show called Discern Realities. The title of the podcast is also the title of one of the rules in a game called Dungeon World. The cool aspect of their show that caught my attention is that every show is broken into 4 segments. Each segment is titled after an different element of the rule for which the show is titled. This helps bring a consistent structure to the show and also helps guide them in their creation.

The second podcast that inspired me in a similar fashion was one called Courage and Clarity, hosted by Steph Crowder. It’s a podcast focused on women entrepreneurs that takes a “peek behind the curtain to share what it *really* takes to earn an independent living doing what you love.”

Steph, similar to me, divides her interviews into separate episodes. In her case, she makes 2 episodes for each guest. Her first interview with them is around the Courage it took to begin the entrepreneurial journey. The second episode with each guest is entitled, “Clarity”. These episodes talk more the nuts and bolts of running their business and lessons learned.

When I found her show and learned how she structured it, I immediately thought about how I could adapt that method to my show. It makes sense for how I’ve titled the show. And it would also give me some structure in how I interview and post episodes.

I am now looking at how I structure my questions in such a way as to find out how and what has inspired my guest to run business the way that they do. The next episode will focus on the specifics on what they do to engage their employees, or the intentionality of their work. The last episode will discuss the business results, lessons learned and what’s next for them.

What I love is that I discovered both of these shows at the same time. It’s amazing how discoveries like this come in batches.

While I’m always looking for ideas on how to improve the show, I wasn’t listening to a hobby podcast with that in mind. When I learned of Steph Crowder’s show, she was talking on a podcast on my feed that I listen to only occasionally. (Perhaps I should listen more often!) Who knows where inspiration will come from?

This is one of the purposes of this show, to share as many ideas with you as I can, not knowing which one will stick. I never know which guest or idea shared will spark one of you to action.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? How does this help you move your business into one that creates a culture that Intentionally balances Purpose, People, and Profits? I want to encourage you to be open for inspiration from anywhere. Keep your heart and mind open and let the ideas hit you from all corners of your life.

My last question for you, have you ever found inspiration in an unexpected place?

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Thank you and until next time, be inspired and intentional.