Global Leadership Summit 2015 Day 1 Highlights

I enjoyed my first day of the Global Leadership Summit 2015. Nice array of speakers and a good format that mixed things up.

Speakers today included
Bill Hybels
Adam Grant
Jim Collins
Albert Tate
Sallie Krawcheck
Dr Brene Brown
and a cool stories about a church in Uganda working on housing and repentance for the country; Warden from the Angola Prison in Louisiana; and the Nature Sweet Tomatoes company (now on my list to interview).

3 Bits of Inspired and Intentional News

Here’s my first video that I’m promoting. 3 items of news that I found regarding Inspired and Intentional business.

The first is from Huffington Post’s new section called Purpose + Profit. It’s underwritten by PWC, Price Waterhouse Coopers, which is nice and bringing some big names to the movement.

The second is from a LinkedIn story called “.State of HR: Why You Should Fill Your Payroll with Purpose-Driven People” by Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative. A study was conducted regarding types of employees, they came up with 3 and I talk about them briefly.

The last one is about Mindy Hall, PhD. I heard her speak to Jeff Brown on the Read to Lead podcast (I keep calling it the Lead to Read cast.) and I want to bring attention to her and her book, Leading with Intention.

Which of these stories resonates with your situation and why?

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Building Inspired and Intentional 0002 – Podcast Training

First session with Jeff Brown, Read to Lead podcaster. I’ve hired him to teach me podcasting. I’m excited because this will help my at my job as well as for this project.

Jeff Brown, podcaster, podcasting coach, Read to Lead Podcaster
Jeff Brown, podcaster and coach. Image used from the Read to Lead Podcast

Our first session was around the podcast’s worldview or to put it another way: when someone asks, “What is your podcast about?” I have a relatively succinct answer.

We also talked about ideal listener. Some in the business, I’m looking at you JLD, call it their Avatar.

Here’s what I submitted to Jeff as my worldview:

In the United States, according to Gallup, nearly 70% of employees are not engaged in their work. This disengagement is affecting profitability and productivity. I believe there are 3 ways businesses can improve this. One, they inspire with an clear vision. Two, they practice open-book management. Three, they intentionally build a collaborative, accountable, strength focused team.

He likes it and we’re moving on to bigger and better topics. Next up, critiquing my first episdode.

Building Inspired and Intentional 0001 – Website Begins

Yes, I put 0001 because I think this could be a long journey. I’ve bought the URL, uploaded Word Press and have started getting my site cleaned up a bit. My first goal is to clean it up a bit.

I was so happy to find this tutorial from katrinah or 77webstudio called How To Create A BEAUTIFUL Website with WordPress 2015! EASY. And it is exactly what I needed.