Leaders, Give a Crap

Gary Vaynerchuck sums up the first step a manager or owner should take when thinking about changing their culture –

“It’s not tactics. It’s religion. If you actually give a crap about every person here. One by one. You will win.”

Gary Vaynerchuck DailyVee

In my first 10 interviews this is definitely a common theme. There is a heart issue. You have to care as a leader. You also have to start with yourself. What is your attitude? Are you intentionally showing up with the energy that will bring new and different results with your team?

How are you broadcasting? Positive vibes? Growth? Possibility? Potential?

How are you reacting to adversity? Anger and exaggeration? Or, do you take a breath and look for the opportunity?

It’s not complicated. Start caring. Start listening. Start loving.

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