Human Centered Organizational Design

Enterprise social networks, user interface, performance management, and human centered design. These are all topics Kevin Jone and I discuss in this 3rd and final episode with him.


Kevin Jones works with companies to help them reimagine and change the way they work, operate, and how they engage their employees. The only way to do this is to challenge the status quo.

Kevin is an advisor, international speaker, and videographer, his expertise lies in organizational strategy, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs), initiative adoption, and bringing the best out of employees. He focuses on the human side of business and technology. Kevin’s clients include NASA, Lowes, JCPenny, Dell, and many other well known companies. He’s authored two e-books, and produces videos that help communicate how we can challenge the status quo.

What technology could you implement that would improve the communication between teams at your company?

Do you really need to be doing everything you’re doing? Are there policies or traditional activities that could be dropped? What could you do to free up time to begin redesigning your workplace?

Are your employee surveys designed for the employees or managers?

What can you do to bubble up ideas for a new culture at your company?

Notes taken during editing

Kevin Jones at –

Employee Engagement measurement tools at viaPing –

Kevin Jones interview on the Switch and Shift podcast The Rebel Leader, Our Complicated Fascination with Employee Engagement –

XPlane works on organizational design.

Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute –

Notes taken during the editing of the podcast
Q- we do things that keep us busy – cut it and need to trim it.

Traditional ways are working for you right now. But how can it be better?

User Interface and User Experience – how could you use design principles to alter the way your work is done? How your organization is structured?

How can you look at your performance management processes differently

Human centered design.

Portrait Artist – I discovered Meredith Binnette at my son’s school’s senior art show. She drew this picture of Kevin after looking over his website and his press photos. She’s recently graduated high school and is pursuing art in college. Meredith, good luck in your pursuits.

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