Episode 10 Matthew Bodary Pt 1 Zingerman’s Employee Perspective

Gallup says 70% of US employees are disengaged from their work. This causes, what Ari Weinzweig calls an energy crisis in the workplace. Lost innovation, productivity and profits. Not to mention the tolls on the communities.

Matthew Bodary shares an employee's perspective on Zingermans
Todd Reed and Matthew Bodary at ZingTrain


There are companies and organizations working to improve this. they are creating more open and collaborative work environments. They are realizing that treating people with dignity and providing meaningful work can be done while also running a financially solid organization.

My hope with this podcast is to inspired leaders to make intentional choices to balance profit and social impact.

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Today will be the first part of our series with Matthew Bodary, Zingerman’s Coffee Company Account Manager. This first part is a slight departure from the other episodes in that this is more of a personal story of a young man at the beginning of his career journey. He  is an employee of a Zingerman’s company and not a managing partner like the previous episodes.

After recording this episode, I thought I would cut most of this first part and give you a brief synopsis. However, upon further listening I was convinced that I wanted to share his telling and version of the story because it gives insight into him and his view of Zingerman’s more clearly than I could. I also felt a tad like this episode channels a little of Studs Terkel.

Here are the questions for this week’s episode:

1. When new employees start working at working at your company, do they believe they’ve stumbled upon something special?

2. Great Food. Great Service. Great Finance. The 3 Bottom Lines of Zingermans. Is the “main focus” of your business this clear to your employees?

3. Do you have an opportunity for your people to grow within your current organization or by creating a new opportunity that supports your current business?

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