Episode 006 Maggie Bayless, Business Systems, and Staying Inspired

In the last episode Maggie talked about Zingerman’s managing partner program and the role of Zingtrain. This week we’ll talk about business systems, staying motivated as an owner and the future of Zingtrain.

Maggie Bayless, Managing Parnter ZingTrain, and Todd Reed
Todd Reed (me) and Maggie Bayless, Managing Partner ZingTrain.

When the interview begins, she’s telling us one of the reasons why someone decides to take a ZingTrain class, which very quickly moves into the conversation about systems.

This week’s questions:

  1. Maggie begins with systems – do you have any in your business? More importantly, are they focused on helping you achieve your mission? Do they allow your people to be creatively do things that will differentiate your business?
  2. What energized you most when you started your business? Have you lost touch with that energy? What would it take for you to get back in touch with it? How could this help your employees be more excited about the work they’re doing?
  3. Do you want your business to go beyond you? What would it take to make this happen in your business? If you have potential leaders in your business, could you sit with them to create a vision of succession that would get them and you excited about the future of your business?

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You can get hold of Maggie by emailing her at mbayless@zingermans.com.




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Next week we’ll talk with Amy Emberling of Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

Thank you for listening and until next week, be inspired and intentional.

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