Episode 005 Maggie Bayless and Zingerman’s Managing Partner Program

Listen as I talk with Maggie about Zingerman’s managing partner program:

Todd Reed and Maggie Bayless at ZingTrain, Ann Arbor, MI
Todd Reed and Maggie Bayless at ZingTrain in Ann Arbor MI

Questions for the episode:

  1. Do you have aspiring leaders in your organization, yet you are limited to the number of positions available to them simply because of the size of your company? Consider creating a system that allows them to create new businesses that support your main venture. What are some other companies that you could grow from your existing talent pool?  Most of your ideas will come from your people, are you ready to hear and support them?
  2. What is your vision do you have for your business. Take step back and pretend you’re coming in as a potential new partner to your business. What kind of vision would you have for your business?
  3. What could you get from taking a class like those offered from ZingTrain? If you’re not in food service you might benefit from getting a completely different perspective.

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You can get hold of Maggie by emailing her at mbayless@zingermans.com.

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Sign up for a class or webinar at ZingTrain.

Sample vision to get you started thinking about visioning, from ZingTrain’s site.

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Next week Maggie will discuss in more detail how they create systems without becoming too bureaucratic.

Thank you for listening and until next week, be inspired and intentional.

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