Ep 71 Finding Solutions in the Complaining

Part 4 with Eliott Frick, CEO Big Wide Sky and Jeremy Nulik, Evangelist Prime, Big Wide Sky and founders of The Be Human Project.

What is a business owner to do to make their business more human?

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The Be Human Project

Big Wide Sky

Notes taken during the editing of the show

Attend to the communications questions. Communications – two-way and a venue to make it happen easier. Have a way to make the communication make a difference.

There is a passion and energy in complaining. Perhaps go there and find the sources of the pain. 

Listen to your own complaints and look for a pattern. Is there a conviction or challenge that needs work? 

Important work is to convert to convictions. I hear you and here is our new conviction.

Why is there cynicism? What is based on?

Experiment in 2017.

Sources of inspiration. Ari Weinzweig and his ability to create a vision and a narrative that moved his business.

Dave Gray – Articulate and succinct explanations If you want to do anything novel, take a look at his work. He is the Carl Sagan figure in business thinking today.

We may need to look outside the paradigm of our current business models.

Greater sources of inspiration seem to be outside – cognitive science, genomics. 

Futurist thinking. Create ways to talk about the future that take you out of your head and paradigms.

The Be Human Project – 1. Build a think tank. Fund research, bring info to the front and curate the learning. 

  1. Experiential – with salons and events.

Big Wide Sky – Integrate different disciplines to make business more human – Organizational Thinking+ Strategic Foresight+Design Futures Work+User based approach to technology+Communications design. Really integrate them all together.

Great deal of fun to begin work on a marketing challenge only to uncover that there’s a deeper cultural challenge to overcome.

Holistic treating an organization as human.