Ep 17 Employees Fixed or Variable Cost? Anne-Claire Broughton Pt 3

Anne-Claire Broughton of Broughton Consulting
Anne-Claire Broughton of Broughton Consulting

We conclude our conversation with Anne-Claire Broughton. She is Principal of Broughton Consulting, LLC, Durham, NC. Her many publications include the Business Action Guide Series of innovative employee engagement practices (with The Hitachi Foundation). Anne-Claire is active with efforts to educate retiring business owners and their advisors about the possibility of employee ownership as an exit strategy. She also shares innovative employee engagement practices to help business owners thrive. In addition, she is President of EarthShare North Carolina’s Board of Directors, an active amateur musician, and parent of a teenager.

Some of the insights we’ll hear:

  • Seeing employees as a fixed cost vs a variable cost.
  • What are companies doing to differentiate themselves from the business as usual crowd.
  • The importance of training the culture of the company, not just the hard skills.


  1. Anne-Claire shares several practices of leaders who are running business differently:

Careful hiring

Extensive (intentional) training

Setting up career ladders/paths and promoting from within

Clearly communicating core values and using them as a guide to action

Smart incentive systems that align to the interests of the organization and the employees

Transparency and Open-Book management

Which one of these could you consider to begin using to move your organization forward?

2. Are you ready to consider your employees as a fixed cost vs a variable cost? If not what parts of this principle could you consider for your business?

3. How could you begin training your team on your culture?

4. What books will you assign to your team to read to begin the move forward?

5. Where’s your heart on this issue?

I would love to see your answers to these questions. You can leave them in the comments below or on Twitter @toddareed, LinkedIn @ToddAReed, or on Facebook, search for the Inspired and Intentional page.




Resources that Anne-Claire Mentioned


Broughton Consulting


SJF Ventures

King Arthur Flour

Marlin Steel

Tasty Catering


New Belgium Brewing

NCEO National Center for Employee Ownership

Hitatchi Foundation Business Action Guides made available to my listeners:

Effective Profit Sharing Marlin Steel

Non Financial Recognition and Rewards: New Belgium Brewing

Innovative Scheduling Practices for Workplace Stability: Cooperative Home Care Associates

Communicating Company Values Clearly: Tasty Catering


The Good Job Strategy by Zeynep Ton

Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder by Jody Heymann

Great Game of Business by Jack Stack

The Idea-Driven Organization by Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder

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