Dirt Cake and Open Book Management

In this episode David talks about mini-games, the steps to begin going down the road of opening up your organization, and finally, the importance of Dirt Cake! Our second guest to mention the importance of  yummy deserts in their pursuit of a more open, engaging workplace.

David Burton of the Greene County University Extension Office
David Burton of the Greene County University Extension Office

David is a civic communication specialist for University of Missouri Extension and has responsibilities throughout the 17 counties of southwest Missouri. He is headquartered out of the Extension office in Springfield, Mo. David is an award winning member of the extension as well as an award winning fiction writer.

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We spend too much time at work to not have some fun being there.

Literal notes while listening to the episode.

The goal of a mini-game is get your team focused on hitting the critical number. They also call them drivers.

Struggles implementing the great game – getting people excited about it, both management and staff. Finding time to do it.  

No question, just the first steps to get started getting the whole team involved in the business of your organization:

  • Read the book
  • Pray/Meditate/Ponder if you’re ready and next steps
  • Search out others running the GGOB

First step in opening up the books: buy The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack. (not an affiliate link, they’re not allowed in Missouri – What’s Up With That!?)  

The importance of Dirt Cake. –

Natural Child World Dirt Cake Recipe. 

Integrative Mom Mostly Organic Dirt Cake Recipe.

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Greene County Extension Council Business Plan

Greene County Extension Great Game of Business  Presentation 

Diagram and explanation of how Greene County Extension is implementing the Great Game of Business

Explanation of how the Extension began using the Great Game