Change Mindsets with Open Book Management

Learn how open book management can change the mindset of a small government/non-profit/university extension office. If it can work for them, it can work for your organization or business.

David Burton of the Greene County University Extension Office
David Burton of the Greene County University Extension Office

David is a civic communication specialist for University of Missouri Extension and has responsibilities throughout the 17 counties of southwest Missouri. He is headquartered out of the Extension office in Springfield, Mo.

David is an award winning member of the extension as well as an award winning fiction writer.

In part 1 of 3 episodes, David gets into what open book management is for a small government/non-profit/complicated organization like his, how the great game has changed the mindset of the team, and how they’ve overcome skepticism.

Social Shareables from part 1

Open Book Management is both a life preserver and a motor boat. It helped pull us out of the financial crisis and at the same time moving us forward.

Literal notes taken while listening to the show:

Open book management is also financial transparency, financial education, team-building, and a philosophy that gets people on the same page on decision making and strategic planning.

After open book management we’re not just thinking, “what’s in it for me?”.


Are you and your people thinking about the day-to-day habits that are costing your organization money and time?

The extension has a complicated mission, management structure, and funding process. If they’re able to use open book management, do you think your department or company could manage it?

Might there be skepticism in your organization to open book management working? What could help convince your team to buy-in?

Podcast Highlight – The Rebel Leader

At the end of this episode is a quick interview with Shawn Murphy, co-creator of The Rebel Leader Podcast. This is the first podcaster highlight i wanted to share with you. I will choose a podcaster that I believe will help you run your business and life in such a way that you will intentional inspire yourself and those around you.

These interviews will normally be their own episode on the Inspired and Intentional channel, but I wanted to share the first one with you.

From the Rebel Leader Launch:

The Rebel Leader promises to bring together executives, leaders (both formal and informal), entrepreneurs, authors and influencers who make a difference by leading rebelliously. We’ll interview people you already know and admire, and many purpose-driven leaders you’ve never heard of – but should.

Through stories, interviews and analysis we’ll help you understand how much leadership is changing as we leave the Industrial Age behind – and embrace the Social Age.

The show will be hosted by the CEO and Founder of Switch & Shift, Shawn Murphy. He’ll be joined by Mark Babbitt, our President and Senior Partner.

The Rebel Leader on Switch and Shift

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Greene County Extension Council Business Planh

Greene County Extension Great Game of Business  Presentation

Diagram and explanation of how Greene County Extension is implementing the Great Game of Business 

Explanation of how the Extension began using the Great Game