Business Deep Dive 6 and 7 Building a Great Team

This post continues our ZingTrain webinar replays. This is the beginning of the 2nd series that I’ve called, Building a Great Team.

The first recording has a crazy echo and we won’t replay it here. The 2nd webinar is called 8 Terrific Tips to Tune up Your Team. If you find your team is experiencing the following, then you need to listen for some great ideas to help solve them:

  • Productivity is down
  • Energy seems flat
  • Interpersonal tension is up
  • “Fun” isn’t a word you’d use to describe coming to work

Go to the Business Deep Dive page to see a list of all the series and the show replays under each of them. If you click on the links provided you will find slides and ZingTrain notes.

Thank you to ZingTrain for allowing me to post these webinars through my podcast and blog feed.