Build Companies to Keep Talent – Ep 35 Jamie Pritscher Part 2

Jamie Pritscher by Meredith Binnette (c) 2016
Jamie Pritscher by Meredith Binnette (c) 2016


Do you have a mechanism to build other companies/divisions to keep great talent, when normally your company couldn’t support them?


Encourage employees to build companies so that they stay.

Notes taken during the editing of the episode

Nuphoriq is a full-service marketing agency that works with event and catering companies.

They are there to be the internal marketing department for small to medium businesses.

How was Nuphoriq started? Perfect storm. Both were getting masters while at Tasty Catering. AS they were graduating, they’d been working on marketing and utilizing a group of interns that were also graduating. A wide range of talents were represented. Tasty wanted to keep the good people but couldn’t support them all, so they branched them off as a new company. Jamie and her partner own it. The three brothers are also owners and advise them on business issues.

Different business and P and Ls.
Process for creating a new business. (not much different than any business, just all done internally)

Starts with an idea.
Creating a full business plan
Phasing people out of some of the positions they currently hold and that will be lost in the creation of the new company.

About Jamie Pritscher

Jamie Pritscher is an award-winning entrepreneur committed to excellence, professionalism, positive workplace culture and exceptional client experiences. In addition to positions as Director of Communications at full-service caterer Tasty Catering, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of creative marketing agency nuphoriq and Co-founder and CEO of socially-responsible high-end gift company That’s Caring, Jamie is also an active speaker and volunteer in the community.

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Artist of Jamie’s Portrait – I discovered Meredith Binnette at my son’s school’s senior art show. I really liked the sketch/free flow of her lines and effortless water colors. I wanted to get to know her subjects because if they were as free and loose as these drawings, I would dig hanging out with them. I also loved some of the sketches I saw in her notebook she showed, I hope to have a couple drawn in that style as well. She drew this picture of Jamie after looking at 4 photos that Jamie sent me to use to promote this series of episodes. Upon graduation from High School this year, Meredith will be pursuing art at college. Thank you Meredith and good luck with all you’re doing.

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