Good Intentions Does Not Mean Easy

Scott Monette is the founder of 100% Wine. His company was created because he has a son living with disabilities and he saw a need for more job opportunities for people in this population group. This conversation reveals that running a company with intention doesn’t mean that it will be easy. You will be confronted with your ideal and the challenges of the real world.

100% Wine

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Notes taken during the editing of the show:

What is a B Corp? It’s like Fair Trade for business.

They are looking for companies who want to do business differently.

It took him about 20 hours or two weeks of work to complete the application to become a B Corp.

B Corps and employees: Diversity, Pay Equity, Overtime, etc. How does your company perform in this area? 40% of his employees are living with disabilities.

An applicant also looks at their supply chain and their impacts on the community.

I asked Scott to give an example of when the real world collides with his ideals of running his business with intentionality.

He shared the story of hiring people with disabilities to do wine tastings. However, a very close friend voiced hesitation on approaching people living with disabilities. She was concerned how this would impact his sales. This challenged his very business model. He stuck with it, tweaked his training and it turns out to be one of the best decisions he’s made.

How do you keep your employees on mission? They have stories and backgrounds that naturally invest them in the cause.

80% of consumers are willing to support a company that supports people living with disabilities.