13 Yr Old Prodigy to Business Owner, Kieron Hales Ep 87

At 13, Kieron Hales was a classically trained bassoonist and on his way to chef school and apprenticeship in London.  He would go on to serve the Queen, 3 US Presidents, and live in 27 countries. After all that he finds himself managing partner (owner) of Cornman Farms, the Zingerman’s Catering and Event Space located near Ann Arbor, MI.

Kieron Hales (l) Managing Partner of Cornman Farms

The point of the Inspiration Episode is to show the story behind the intentionality. How did my interviewees get to where they are. Listen in and be inspired to go after the goals to make your organization more inspiring, intentional, and balanced between Purpose, People, and Profits.

Listen in as we hear how Kieron’s family history has affected why he’s chosen the Zingerman’s Community as the one where he became an owner and managing partner.

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